content driven architectural experiences...

are spaces that tell stories by engaging both the body and mind. These are orchestrated physical journeys that draw upon a wide range of design disciplines to give life and resonance to narratives.

W.L. Gore Digital Product Experience

A series of interactive multilingual touchscreen experiences showcasing the client's diverse array of product offerings while also highlighting their engineering and material science capabilities

W.L. Gore Digital Fluoropolymer Experience

A triptych of interactive multilingual touchscreen experiences offering an introductory overview of fluoropolymers

W.L. Gore Capabilities Center, Tokyo

An international extension of a brand experience center acting as the East Asian hub for the region

W.L. Gore Retail Store

Retail store experience focusing on outdoor products

W.L. Gore History Exhibit

History exhibit focusing on the foundational years of the Enterprise

The Millinery Shop Retail Store

Retail store experience for artisan based workshop/storefront

W.L. Gore Paper Mill West Exhibit

High level overview exhibit acting as brief company introduction

Pimento Restaurant Branding

Branding and packaging design for caribbean restaurant and catering company

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Exhibit

Traveling exhibit for non-profit foundation focused on environmental stewardship

NYU Langone Trinity Center Signage

Wayfinding and architectural signage for medical care center

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