W.L. Gore History Exhibit

Client: W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.
Location: Newark, Delaware

Taking a foundational approach to a timeline installation, this exhibit focuses specifically on the first three pivotal decades of Gore's 50+ year history. The foundational approach provided the project team the opportunity to craft a well defined narrative with a finite start and finish. Thematically, the story focuses on the key themes and guiding principles that have been fundamental to Gore's success by highlighting the inventions, products, culture, and collaborative team spirit that have been pivotal to Gore's growth.

Pivot door faced display cabinets act as exhibit anchors. Each pivot door holds a six foot plus wide pane of digitally etched gradient glass shifting from frosted to clear. The gradient etched glass creates a subtle division between the objects displayed within cabinet and the floating timeline attached to the face of the door. Chosen for its qualities of subtlety and strength, the pivot door seamlessly integrates into the overall structure and easily handles the weight of the floating timeline and 6'-0" wide gradient etched glass panel. The door functions smoothly and provides front access to the interior of the display cabinet, a key consideration when rear access is not available.

Disciplines: Exhibition Design, Environmental Graphic Design

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