W.L. Gore Capabilities Center, Tokyo

Client: W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.
Location: Tokyo, Japan

To be located on the 14th floor of the W Building in the Shinagawa district, the W.L. Gore & Associates Capabilities Center, Tokyo is a brand experience center serving the East Asia region.  

With a heavy emphasis on integrated digital and physical experiences, the Gore Capabilities Center narrative is a series of cumulative experiences intended to provide the visitor with a complete perspective of the brand. It is also a hosted experience where individuals are encouraged in actively engage with the products and displays.

Architecturally, the narrative journey is conceived as a series of light and dark experiences with emphasis on momentary glimpses, threshold moments, and key framed views. A fluid spatial layout provides strong visual connection throughout the journey while still maintaining a separation of zones. Content delivery methods utilized include environmental graphics, edge lit and backlit graphics, integrated digital touchscreen and physical displays, and multi-projector edge blending.

Disciplines: Interior Architecture, Environmental Communication Strategy, Furniture & Fixture Design, Physical & Digital Design Integration, Interaction Design, Environmental Graphic Design

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